Steel Fabrications

Specialists in bespoke steel fabrications Solutions Engineering Ltd design, manufacture and install steel fabrications for industrial and manufacturing processes.

Prototype Design & Development

Large & Small Batch Production

Bespoke Steel Fabrications

Steel Fabrications - Solutions Engineering Ltd

Quality fabrications are achieved for industrial environments with a team of Coded Welders.

Coded welders are able to weld in all materials including steel, aluminium and copper producing individual and small batch production quantities for most applications.

Solutions Engineering Ltd provide mild steel fabrications for most applications including roller conveyor production lines, motor and gearbox housings and factory walkways.



This height barrier was manufactured by Solutions Engineering Ltd after a tipper truck decided to pass under the original with tipper still up.

This height barrier stops any high vehicle hitting bridge on the A50 that spans the quarry roads.

Solutions Engineering Ltd also provided all the groundworks to erect the uprights into the ground.


Steel Fabrications - Solutions Engineering Ltd


Examples of recent projects

Compactor cage

Compactor Cage fabricated &
installed on site

Self returning pedestrian gate

Self returning pedestrian gate,
designed & installed for client

Classifier fabricated for LaFarge

Classifier fabricated for LaFarge

Fabrications in copper are a speciality of Solutions Engineering Ltd, from small component parts to large conductors for electricity generating plants.
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