Howells Stanway Brand

Howells Stanway Pumps and AC Motors, renowned for their robust design and reliability in the most difficult conditions are still in use around the world today.

Solutions Engineering Ltd still provide a repair or refurbishment of existing Howells Stanway products and can manufacture new product to the same exacting specification as required.

Used extensively in demanding Industries including:
Power Generation, Marine Sector, Rail Industry and Mining Industries

Complete range of C1 frame motors from 0.5 to 180kW
In various configurations including: 

  • Foot, pad or flange mounted
  • Slip ring - 2, 3 or 4 speed
  • Flame-proof vibration units
  • Stator/ rotor pumps
  • Oil cooling pumps
  • Cooling fan units
  • Individually manufactured to specific needs
Howells Stanway Pumps and Motors

Morris and Street Cranes installed as standard Howells Stanway Slip Ring Crane Motors in both drip proof and totally enclosed frames. These units are constructed in D132, D160, D180, D200, D250, D280 and D315 frames from 0.66kw up to 95kw. Replacement units can still be manufactured to order.


Howells Stanway PU1 Pump

Video of animation showing the internal workings of a Howells Stanway PU1 Pump.
Image below shows HS PU1 Pump Internal Mechanism.

Howells Stanley PU1 Pump –Internal Mechanism

Howells Stanway Slip Ring Motors and Howells Stanway Axial Flow Inline Oil Cooling Pumps are available in all original specifications or with modifications to suit your needs.
Howells Stanway is a brand name of Solutions Engineering Ltd.

Howells Stanway Fans

Manufactured to order 800, 1000, 1200 mm diameter Transformer Cooling Fans. Speeds, Size, Airflow to customers exact specifications.

Howells Stanley Fans Prominent Use in Power Transformer Industries including - GE General Electric, Peebles Electric and BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels

Howells Stanway Fans

Howells Stanway Transformer Fans
Howells Stanway Fans fitted to Transformer, sizes up to 600 Mega Watt on power stations all over the world.

Howells Stanway Fans

Howells Stanway Fans
Cast iron construction with aluminium fan blades tested to ensure performance meets the customers requirements.

Fan Cage

Fan Cage
All Howells Stanley products can still be manufactured per original drawings and specifications.